Marolex Mini 500

Product Description:

Marolex Mini 500 Professional Handheld Pressure Pump Sprayer Trigger 500ml

The Mini series trigger sprayer can be used for manual spraying and sprinkling of plants located in greenhouses, gardens or balconies and terraces. The Mini 500 sprayer is equipped with technically advanced nozzles with adjustable angles. They are perfect devices for spraying liquid fertilizers, chemcials and even for sprinkling water.

The Mini 500 sprayer is made out of durable materials which are also resistant to chemicals. The special spraying head of the Mini 500 assures a very fine stream of liquid so that it does not weep.

Key Features:

  • 0.5 Litre Detergent Bottle Capacity.
  • Polypropylene Tank.
  • Adjustable Atomising Nozzle.
  • Internal Filter Preventing Blockages.