Gallup XL/Biograde 360 5 Ltrs

Product Description:

Gallup XL - 5 Litre

Treats - 2.5 Acres

Mapp Number - 17663

Gallup XL is a total weed killer. Once sprayed the active substance in Gallup XL enters the plant and is translocated throughout the leaves, stem and root system where it blocks important chemical processes and the plant goes into decline and dies. A period of at least 6 hours and preferably 24 hours free of rain must follow spraying. Do not spray onto weeds suffering from drought stress as reduced control may occur. Do not spray in windy conditions as drift onto other crops or vegetation can cause severe injury or destruction. Do not spray during frosty weather that prevents active growth. Do not apply lime, fertiliser, farmyard manure, pesticides or similar materials within 7 days of Gallup XL.