Freight Charges and Delivery from The Dandys Derrynoose

Parcel up to 30 Kgs €7.50 anywhere in Republic of Ireland.
( We aim for a 24 Hour Delivery )

Parcel up to 30 kgs £6.50 anywhere in N Ireland
( We aim for a 24 Hour Delivery )

Parcel up to 30 kgs £12.50 anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales
( Excluding “The Islands” ) 

For full 1 ton pallets, Counties Monaghan, Louth, Meath, Dublin and Kildare are €55  

All other Counties in ROI are €65  We can also ship smaller quantities maximum 1/2 Ton for €45 to all counties in Ireland 

1 Ton Pallet to N. Ireland £35.00 + Vat

We ship IBC Cubes of Engine Oils, Ad Blue etc but do not ship IBC Cubes of Diesel nor Kerosene.

Because we are a low margin / low profit / high volume Company, we use a weight based matrix for our freight charges.
We ship 1 Ton pallets to all of Republic of Ireland and N. Irl on a 1 - 3 working days from dispatch basis with a full track and trace facility.   Please be aware that the contract with the courier company is 4 working days.  At busier times in the year this can take longer, or if the courier in your particular area has a backlog due to bank holidays etc this can take  longer.  However, some or a lot of our customers call us to congratulate us after they recieve their pallet within 24 hours, howver this is not an expectation but a bonus.

Smaller parcels are sent via FastWay, ParcelForce or DPD with an email sent to you on receipt of your order with your tracking number, which you can use to track with the courier. 
Most couriers also have a texting service where you are notified by text approx. 1 hour before delivery.  All deliveries must be signed for as proof of delivery.

Freight Charges:                                               ROI                         N. Irl                      UK

Parcels up to 30 Kgs                                        €7.50                     £6.50                     £12.50

Each extra 30 kgs                                              €7.50                     £6.50                     £12.50

Example:  You buy 3 pair of boots which are 2 kgs per pair = 6kgs and a coat and pair of trousers = another 2 kgs you have all shipped to you for €7.50 as long as the total weight is under 30 Kgs.

If you are buying over 360 Kgs i.e. over 12 boxes with 30 kgs in each box, you are then moved into a pallet pricing bracket which means that you can have an extra 640kgs of product on your pallet at no extra charge ( Total cost is still  €65.00  We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this:  eg, by sharing a pallet of Coal with your friends or family to take advantage of the freight charges.

All 1 ton pallets are shipped to you by truck with a tail lift and pallet truck with Full Track and trace facility with all shipments including scanned bar codes.  You will have the ability to track your shipment online via your tracking number which will automatically go to your email address that you provide with your order.

The courier companies offer a door to door service, kerb side depending on practicality of drop through the TPN pallet network. Where a pathway is cemented / tarmacadam our drivers will do their best to bring a pallet to customers preferred drop on their premises.  If it is gravel and not practical for a pallet truck to run on it, the driver is obligated to drop the pallet at nearest kerb side.  These deliveries are carried out with 20 Ton Rigid lorrys that have a tail lift and a pallet truck.  If your delivery area is limited in size, has tight corners, narrow entrances,  overhanging trees that may cause damage to the lorry or steep inclines that the driver considers a hazardous place for them to negotiate, they are also obligated to leave at the nearest convenient point for them to off load safely.  Safety is the priority for the lorry driver.

Regarding deliveries of Coal, The Dandys don’t ship the coal to you.  We sell the Coal to you, collected, ex our yard. By choosing the courier option on our website, you acknowledge that the Coal is both for your own private use and that you are employing the services of the courier.  The contract for delivery is between you, the customer and the courier.  The Dandys (Derrynoose ) Ltd only provide the facility of connecting you with the courier and the money for the shipment / carriage goes to the courier for the service.  The Dandys ( Derrynoose ) Ltd have no financial interest nor profit from the courier transaction.  You the customer accepts the terms and conditions of the courier company who will endeavour to provide you with a 1 - 3 working days from dispatch service, which will have a full scanned bar code with full track and trace facility.

In relation to "Smokeless fuels" the onus is on you the customer to select and purchase the correct type of fuel for the area that you live in.  As we are in the jurisdiciton of the UK we are not obligated to check your postal address to ascertain which type of fuel that you should be using.  We ask you to check to see if you are in a smokeless zone and if so,  we ask you to purchase smokeless products from us to ensure that you are complying with your local area legislation.  The Dandys Derrynoose Ltd take no responsibility for the product selection that you make with us, either from our website or over the telephone.  We will do our best to help you choose the correct option for your area, however your final purchase decision is ultimately your own.  We do however encourage you to purchase the correct product for your particular area.