History of the Business

“The Dandys” is a family nickname for the Mc Nally family of Listrakelt Derrynoose Co. Armagh.  The family have been in business for generations, normally referred to as “The Dandys”.

The business currently is owned by Tom Mc Nally and his wife Orla, who have a top class team of staff who have customer care as a top priority.

1895 is as far back as we can trace the business from our current premises.  Paddy Clarke and his brother John set up a retail “Select Family Grocers and Hardware Merchants” as P&J Clarke.  They were here in business from 1895 until 1946 when they passed the business onto their nephew, Thomas Mc Nally (Senior ) who traded very successfully until the early 1990s.  The business was then leased out to various individuals ( outside the family ), who traded as different entities until Thomas’s son,  Tom re established the Business under the family name and using the family nick name to trade under.

Photos below show hand written docket from 21 Sept 1964.  Also hand written ledger book from 1951 all written by Thomas Senior.  The unique thing about this ledger is that the only person associated with the book still alive, is Thomas himself. He is the only one still alive at date of writing 22 November 2017.   All the others have passed on.  You can also see a photo of the building where the shop was located from 1895.  The photo dates back to pre famine times ( before 1850’s ).

The name “The Dandys” was first established several generations ago, when Thomas Senior father and his uncles were all pig and cattle dealers.  They would set up a “mart” outside the mart and deal directly with the farmer, buying and selling pigs and cattle instead of in the mart.  Most of the Trades were done at the bar in the local Hostlelry.

These men were all very well dressed in their 3 Piece suits and were very easily identifiable by their dress code, despite being involved in the animal trade.  When people asked, how will I recognise this man Mc Nally from Derrynoose, the reply became, ” you will know him, when you see him.  A real “Dandy” looking man.  ( The word Dandy means Well Dressed Gentleman )

As you can see, our history is very important to us.  Thomas senior is now 87 years  and his wife Vera is also still alive at 80 years young.   They are naturally delighted to see the business back thriving again as it did in Thomas seniors time.

We have established ourselves very successfully in the Heating Oil and Coal industry, buying all of our Coal and Kerosene from Hayes Fuels.  We pride ourselves on “Proper Quality, Proper Quantity and Proper Service”.

The Dandys have now branched out into the Agri Supplies industry and are making a reputable name in this area as well.  We continue our style of marketing by selling “TOP BRANDS AT LOWEST PRICES” which has caused quite of a bit of talk in the industry.

We are in the process of creating an online platform where our customers are able to buy directly, via secure card provider and have product delivered within 48 hour with full track and trace facility.

We are committed to offering top class product and  service with old fashioned Morals, Ethics and Values.

The Dandys Derrynoose.  Top Brands at Lowest Prices.  Simple.