Immuboost Cryptoguard Bucket 8kg

Product Description:

Complementary feed for pre-weaned calves. Immuboost Cryptoguard is a complementary feed for pre-weaned calves, containing a novel blend of polyphenols and organic acids. These actives have been proven by independant research to control Cryptosporidium and E-Coli and to reduce the severity of infection in these calves.

In Ireland, 40% of calf deaths in the first six weeks are scour related, with 38% of infectious calf scour cases from Cryptosporidiosis (DAFM, 2017). Cryptosporidium parvum is a parasite which causes scour by damaging the gut lining of the caf. It is highly infectious within the environment between calves. Immuboost Cryptoguard also reduces the permeability of the calfs gut lining to infectious agents and enhances immune function in the gut mucosa.

  • The liquid and powder products are both suitable for use for the complete 21 day feeding program
  • A combination of liquid during the first days of life and powder when calves are trained to be a bucket feeder.
  • Critical for the effectivness of the product that Cryptoguard is fed at the recommended rates from birth.
  • Use either liquid or powder for a calf on any given day - not both

Usuage Instrcutions

  • Mix the required amount of additive in a small amount of warm water before adding to milk, to allow for even mixing.
  • Must be fed from birth
  • 1-5 day old calves: 30g of Immuboost Cryptoguard per calf per day
  • 6-21 day old calves: 15g of Immuboost Cyrptoguard per calf per day
  • Feeding rate of whole milk should be approximately 10-15% of bodyweight (4-6litres)
  • Can be used in both bucket and automatic milk feeders