UCO Motive Max Wash 140 - 20ltr

Product Description:


Ultra concentrated alkaline exterior "Touchless Detergent" vehicle cleaner. 

4 : 1 Dilution rate.  1 x 20 Ltr Drum makes  5 x 20 Ltr Drums,

Dilution rates for 4 : 1 applied via a foam lance or foam bottle.  If using a back sprayer or a pump sprayer, please dilute at     2 % ( 98 parts water and 2 parts UCO Max Wash )

The blend of quality ingredients enables an efficient cleaning process to remove the dynamic and static road film with ease and without touching your vehicle (removal of dirt, insects, bird droppings and grease).

Efficient tensio actives enables, UCO140 MaxWash, which results in the need of only a short reaction time makes UCO140 ideal for touchless washing, cleaning of heavily soiled vehicles, time and water conscious vehicle washing centers.

The specific foaming guarantees a good coverage of the entire vehicle and a better soaking power of the dirt.

Unique corrosion inhibitors make UCO140 safe to use at recommended dilutions. Our proof is the independent conformity attest: UCO140 has a VDA Class A at 2.5% for 5 minutes dwell time.

Applicable for automatic and manual cleaning of surfaces and vehicles in the food industry.
Commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction vehicles, and machines. Suitable for Steel and alkali resistant painted alu rims.  Also suitable for Alcoa / Durabrite wheels, following the manufacturers instructions, not allowing to dry on the rims etc, or don't use on Wheels when they are particularly hot etc.  

Apply UCO140 using a spray, high pressure or foaming device.
Allow dilution to soak in, never allow to dry. Clean thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner.

UCO Max  Wash can also be used as a revolutionary powerful "Pre Wash" for the car washing sector.  1 x 20 Ltr mixes into an IBC of water to make a 2% dilution rate, which is sprayed on via a pump sprayer or a back sprayer, and then power hosed off before following on with a sponge or mitt wash as a two stage car wash process.  We recommend that car washes try either of our award winning shampoos:  either our  1. UCO 310 Explosive High Foaming Shampoo, which is an ultra concentrated pH neutral shampoo with an intense tropical fruit fragrance: or 

UCO 345 MAX Protect Shampoo ( Ceramic Foaming Shampoo ) which is a high value Ceramic Foaming Shamooo with incredible hydrophobic characteristics .  The unique emulsion effect will provide the ideal gloss and super hydrophobiic effect, creating a self cleaning effect for over 1 month under normal conditions. 

Dosage for MAX Wash 140
Vehicle cleaning 0.5 - 2% or 1/200 – 1/50
Via a foam gun: 1/5 – 1/20
Insect removal: 3%
Rim cleaning and strong degreasing: 10-15%
Copolymer removal: 10%

Do not let the product dry on surfaces. Rinse abundantly with water.

Storage and disposal
Store only in the original container in a cool, well-ventilated place. Keep the container closed when not in use. Dispose of safely in accordance with local/national regulations.

Safety instructions for the user
Keep out of reach of children.
Minimize the risk of eye contact.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Consult a doctor if pain, blinking or redness persists.