Tubby - Calf Breathezee 8kg

Product Description:
  • Respiratory support for a lifetime of performance Supports a healthy respiratory system
  • Optimises calf health and performance Energy production Helps promote calf vigour Supports a healthy immune system
  • Stimulates a healthy productive animal for the future

Top Tip: Use Breathezee over the weaning period, pre de-horning, when housed after grazing. Calves have the lowest lung to body size ratio so any respiratory problem will check growth rates.

 Features :

  • Contains a range of B vitamins
  • Contains herbs and aromatic extracts
  • Contains specific oils and trace elements


  • Essential for energy utilisation to drive growth.
  • Helps support a healthy respiratory and digestive system.
  • Maintains appetite and voluntary feed intake to enhance growth rates during periods of stress. Sharpens appetite.

Weight: 10kg granules in bucket

Feeding rate: 10g/100kg LW pro rata – 40g Maximum

In feed mixing rate -10kg Breathezee per tonne of mix – fed at 1kg/100kg LW

Suitability:  All calves, fattening/growing stock or any stock seen to be coughing