Tubby - Imuherb & Forbut Sheep Bucket

Product Description:

Tubby FroBut & Imuherb helps to maintain healthy skin and has been proven to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of orf. Imuherb works by aiding gut health and digestion

Essential to all sheep when abrasions are prevalent around the mouth and nose etc. The special ingredients together with calcium and good levels of minerals, trace elements and vitamins encourages strong frames, helps the condition known by the Denis Brinicombe Group as “thistle prick” and improves overall lamb well-being.

Ensure adequate buckets are made available to allow every lamb 24 hour unlimited access. Lambs will help themselves – this is a huge benefit over other forms of treatment. This product will only be effective in areas where saliva is present i.e. mouth, nose, teats etc.