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Product Description:


The benefits of colostrum are a given and feeding 4L of good colostrum in the first 2 hours of a calves life is key, but increasingly there is a realisation that this is not the full story.

The surface of the small intedtine (SI) is like an external skin and has to withstand the physical and chemical abrasion of food, digestion and the continuous attack of pathogenic organisms. The cells of the small intestine are replaced by new cells within a few days of birth and the surface antibody from colostrum, at this stage, is rapidyly depleting leaving these new cells vulnerable to attack.

Transition milk contains surface antibody that can replace the colostrum antibody and this will remain in the SI to help maintain calf intestinal health.

In order to protect calves aginst Rotavirus farmers are vaccinating cows to increase the level of antibody in colostrum but this will only be partially effective unless colostrum of transition milk is continued to be fed for at least 7 - 14 days. Because of Johne's  disease and practical issues on many farms, calves only get 1 of 2 feeds of colostrum, at most, before going on to milk replacer.

What's in Transformula?

Transformula Contains

  • Egg Protein
  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Krypto-nite - a plant extract
  • Yeast cell wall material
  • Buttermilk lecithin

What is Transformula?

Transformula is designed for use after colostrum feeding. Made with over 60% skim milk and buttermilk along with 5 plant oils and whey protein it is easily digested by the baby calf. Dried under low temperatures it ensures the baby calf is not exposed to high bacterial counts found in stored raw cow's milk. These bacteria remove antibody from the milk and can have pathogenic effects as well. It also contains ultra high levels of plants extracts, probiotics, prebiotic and egg protein. 

These can be found in other calf milks but only at low levels. The levels included in Transformula are comparable to the calf tubes and pastes available in the market.

Feeding Transformula

Feeding Transformula will cost £5/€6 more per calf over standered milk replacers. It will set baby calves up for the next 6-7 weeks of milk feeding and help produce strong healthy weaned calves.