Hayes TigerLady Anthracite 40kg - Smokeless

Product Description:

Tiger Lady ( Siberian Pearl ) Anthracite, is a top selling product for RANGES .  Great quality anthracite, with a mixture of Pet Coke is incredible value for money.   This is a Low Smoke product, which means no more cleaning out your Flue and is a very clean burning product. 

Ideal for Old style RANGES giving Fantastic heat output yet very long lasting.  Our customers have told us that this product is the best they have ever used in their ranges for heat output and length of time that it lasts. 

One Scuttle of Tiger Lady ( Siberian Pearl ) Anthracite will last from 10 am until midnight, driving hot water to your radiators, driving heat to your cooking appliance and generating great heat to your room resulting in top class value for money.

Cinders that are generated can be reused the next day.  Simply rake down the fine ashes into your ash box and dump or tip out into your garden into the compost heap or onto your Rhubarb in the vegetable garden.  The Cinders, you keep in a bag or small box and tip into your lit range the next day.  You will rave about this product to your friends as the best thing you ever found for your range.  This Tiger Lady has caused people to change their mind about throwing out their range because of how well it works when used with this product. 

This product will last twice as long as Coal resulting in fantastic VALUE.