Thistlex 3 Litre

Product Description:

Thistlex - 3 Litre

Kills - Thistles

Treats - 7.5 Acres

Mapp Number - 16123

  • Thistlex is translocated to the root - killing the entire plant
  • Rainfast in 2 hours
  • Thistlex offers fantastic control of spear and creeping thistle, it also has a good effect on the following: dandelion, mayweed, clover, vetch, tare
  • Not suitable for treating Japanese knotweed

Application notes and guidance

  • For best results, apply Thistlex when the weed is at the Rosette stage approx 200mm across
  • Thistlex has no LERAP restrictions, meaning that it is ideal for use alongside water features, lakes and drainage channels
  • Keep livestock excluded from sprayed area for at least 7 days after spraying. Single application per year on established grasses (1 year old +) To be used with a boom sprayer only