Nutribio Sheep Minerals


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Product Description:

The Nutribio range of complementary molassed powdered mineral/vitamin supplements is formulated based on the latest scientific research and EU guidelines.

Nutribio Sheep is specifically formulated for ewes pre-tupping, pre-lambing and post-lambing and contains a full complement of essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements and should be used in conjunction with forage.

It is also suitable for steaming-up rams pre-tupping and for lambs at pasture helping to aid growth, milk and fleece quality. Not suitable for ram lambs.

Key Features

  • Highly palatable formulations for optimum intakes
  • Contains quality raw materials for maximum availability
  • Manufactured to UFAS quality standards
  • Labour saving
  • Cost effective
  • 24 hour nutrition

Feeding Directions - Ewes 25g – 30g/head/day / Lambs: 15g – 20g/head/day

General Usuage Instructions

  • Nutribio Mineral Range is designed to be either top dressed or included in home mixed feeds.
  • Mixing the mineral into the feed is recommended as this ensures more accurate intakes.
  • Alternatively the required amount of mineral can be fed on forage, preferably twice a day.