Safety Jogger - Best Girl

Product Description:

Safety Jogger - Best Girl - Ladies Safety Shoes

  • Ladies Styling for Enhanced Fit and Comfort
  • Comfort Enhancing Impact Absorbing Foam Insole
  • Water Resistant Leather Upper
  • Durable SRC Slip Resistant Outsole 

The new and revolutionary Safety Jogger Impact Foam takes full-surface foot support to the next level. The unique shape constantly adapts to the pressure of the foot, improving every step you take. With the additional arch support, your feet are kept stable and less vulnerable to injuries. The exceptional Air Breathability technology manages the in-shoe climate, keeping your feet dry and healthy. An extra Shock Impact Zone at the heel instantly reacts on heavy pressure to ensure extra comfort in this high-strain area. With the Safety Jogger Impact Foam, your feet will feel comfortable and fresh all day long.

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