PEL 3 in 1 Remote Control/Fault Finder/Volt Meter

Product Description:

To get the maximum performance from an energiser you need to be able to measure and monitor your fence system effectively.

PEL 3 in 1 Remote Control/Fault finder/Volt meter quickly and easily locates faults along the fence line. It turns compatible PEL energisiers on or off from anywhere aling the fence line. The faultfinder arrow points direction towards the direction of the fault. 

Key Features

  • Remote control/Fault finder/Volt meter
  • Turns on and off fencer from any point on farm
  • Faultfinder arrow points direction of fault
  • Digital Voltmeter voltage reading on wire up to 9900 volts
  • Rugged impact resistant case
  • Needs 9v Square Battery
  • 1 year waranty