Pedigree 3 18%

Product Description:

• 18% Crude Protein Ration suitable for feeding to calves from 7 – 10 days of age
• Slow release buffer (live yeast) to ensure the calf’s rumen develops optimally. Hence, healthier rumen conditions, better nutrient absorption, intake and growth
• Feed ad lib until calves are consuming 1.5 kg/hd/day
• Contains hi spec calf minerals & vitamin package (*see page 9) – High Phosphorus
• Also suitable for fast growing pedigree / show cattle - no fillers included
• Contains all you would expect in a feed designed to be fed to show cattle
• Contains cooked maize to stimulate rumen digestion and nutrient absorption
• Protein predominately consisting of soya bean meal to encourage frame & muscle development from an early age
• Includes Molashine (molasses with added oils) to stimulate intake
• Contains full fat soya to maximise the available protein and energy density of the blend