Nutribio Horse Block

Product Description:

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Nutribio Horse Block is a highly palatable premium lick formulated to bridge the mineral and vitamin gap of all types of horses in light to medium work, unsupplemented mares and young stock on pasture alone. Suited to any horse on pasture.
Research has shown that from the start of the summer there is a dramatic fall in levels of copper and zinc levels in grass, during this time a good quality vitamin, mineral and trace element supplement should be made available to help bridge the nutritional gap.
Nutribio Horse block contains optimum levels of balanced premium minerals, vitamins and protected trace elements for maximum availability in a highly palatable form.

Key Features

  • Helps prevent bone and teeth development issues, rough hair and scaly skin and infertility problems.
  • Contains premium ingredients with full traceability and is manufactured under a UFAS approved quality system.
  • Feeding Directions – 100g – 125g/head/day. (Allow 3 x 12kg blocks/5 x 500kg animals/20 days)

General Usuage Instructions

  • With reasonable access allow one block per five horses to ensure adequate daily intakes.
  • Move blocks occasionally to avoid poaching.
  • A common practice is to place blocks in a car tyre at the desired feeding site.
  • Intakes are stimulated by placing the blocks near a water trough.
  • In extremely dry conditions it may be helpful to add water to the bucket to keep the licking surface moist and palatable.
  • If intakes are excessive, blocks should be rationed by putting out a set amount at pre-determined intervals.
  • Do not exceed the daily intakes guidelines. No additional complementary trace element supplements should be fed without nutritional/veterinary advice. This block contains high levels of copper and should not be fed to sheep. It also contains high levels of selenium so care should be taken in known high selenium areas.