MOSGO - Algae Remover 20 Ltr (Concentrate)

Product Description:

Controls red and green algae discolouration on walls

  • Special formula for red and green algae
  • Effective pre-painting treatment
  • Kills and prevents regrowth of algae and lichen which causes red and green discolouration on houses.

Mosgo Algae Remover, removes green or red discolouration caused by algae and prevents it coming back.  Ideal for creating a clean base before painting walls.

Mix 1L product with 5L of water to cover 14m2.

Apply using a sprayer or a brush, allow to dry in, no need to rinse. Use on a dry day from Spring to Autumn for best results.

Contains: Dimethlyammonium chloride solution. 


Mix 1 part i.e. 1 litre of Mosgo Algae Remover with 5 parts water i.e. 5 litres water and apply the 6 litres of the combined mixture to 150 sq. feet i.e. 10ft. x 15ft.square (13.9m2). Apply with brush or sprayer. Protect growing plants from direct spray. If spillage does occur wash off with water. After 48 hours heavy growths can be removed if so desired. Do not apply during periods of extreme heat, frost or wet weather. Protect from frost