MOSGO - Green Remover 5Ltr (Concentrate)

Product Description:

MOSGO - Green Remover 5Ltr (Concentrate)

We love this new formula! It contains a 70% stronger solution.   Mosgo Greenremover is the fast easy way to a clean, moss free driveway. 

Mosgo Green Remover kills moss on virtually any surface – tarmac, slates, driveways, pathways and patios.

No powerwashing needed so keeps your water usage down.

No scrubbing, just apply and walk away. Effective after 3-4 days.  Apply the product under conditions of good growth when rain is not expected. Use a sprayer, watering can or brush on. Mix with water, 1L will cover 40m2 where moss growth is light.

For the best results, brush after treatment so your surface looks like new.