Nufarm -D 50 10ltr

Product Description:

Nufarm D 50 10ltr

Selective weedkiller for grassland. Especially suitable for the spraying of ragwort. 

Contains 500g / litre 2,4-D. Systemic and selective weedkiller.

Max dose: 3.3l/ha

Control of Ragwort:

Mortox 50 is especially suitable for the treatment of Ragwort. Treatment will normally kill plants at all stages of growth up to the early bud stage. It is essential that stock be kept off treated pastures until Ragwort and all poisonus weeds are completely dead and disappeared. 

Spring/Summer treatment:

For best levels of control treat from April to June when Rosettes are growing strongly but before flower buds are well formed.

Autumn/Winter Spraying: 

Ragwort can be sprayed under conditions of good growth from September to February provided it is a calm day and no frost is expected. A period of at least 3-4 hours dryness is required after spraying. Spraying at this time of year has the following advantages: