MasterVet Ovitop Sheep Bolus - 100 x 5g boluses

Product Description:

The Mastervet trusted animal health solutions is a dietetic mineral feed for sheep and goats. In Bolus form for oral administration for long term supply of trace elements for grazing animals. Slow release over 4 months.

Instructions for use:
Sheep and goats over 25kg:

  • 1 Ovitop bolus - 1 month before tupping and 1 Ovitop bolus 1 month before lambing OR 
  • 1 Ovitop bolus at time of going out and 1 Ovitop bolus at housing
  • Administer with a suitable bolus applicator.
  • Store in a dry location and out of reach of children.
  • Should not be given in conjunction with other mineral supplements without recourse to specific expert technical advice.
  • This bolus contains 17% inert iron in order to increase its density.