Kenotek Pro Wheel Clean Ultra - 1 Ltr

Product Description:

Kenotek Pro - Wheelcleaner Ultra 1L is a highly efficient pH neutral wheel and alloy cleaner.                                                                  A TRULY AMAZING PRODUCT    Spray on, leave for a few minutes to wait for the product to react.  The spray turns into a purple colour as it releases the brake dust from the wheel.   Then powerhose off for an amazing and spectacular finish.  Like most Kenotek products, this really has to be seen to be believed.   Professional car valeters are seriously impressed with this.  Many videos on youtube on this product.  Try and see for yourself.

  • Removes brake dust and road grime
  • Targets and removes iron contaminants
  • Fall-out remover on vehicles and other surfaces
  • Always test on a small surface to test material resistance