Kenotek Alu 3200 Aluminum Cleaner


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Product Description:

Yet another outstanding cleaning product from the Kenotek Stable.   Alu 3200 is an acid cleaning product, with a synergistic effect by the combination of organic and inorganic acids.  Gives a "non-disagreeable" odor when using and a major strong point is the fact that its  non-toxic.  We have found this to be a fantastic replacement for customers who had been using HF Acid.  This 20 Ltr mixes with 180 Ltrs of water to make a 200 Ltr barrell mixed at a rate of 10%.  If mixed at 5 %, this 20 Ltr drum will make 2 x 200 ltr barrells of ready to use Aluminium Cleaning Acid.  Also and ideal product for restoration for Aluminuim stock trailers when used at a higher dilution rate.

Only Suitable for use on standard aluminium.

****Not for use on Durabright or Alcoa****    For Durabright or Alcoa use Pro 50


  • Apply the exact dosing.
  • Let soak.
  • Clean off thoroughly with high pressure unit.
  • Dosage: 5-10%.
  • Renovation: 10-20%.