Kenotek Coat'it Camiq (36 Month Ceramic Coating)

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Product Description:

Kenotek Coat'it Camiq (36 Month Ceramic Coating)

***Available For  Professional Detailers Only***

Kenotek Coat 'It Camiqis a Hydro- and oleophobic treatment for vehicles. It gives 9H hardness to the car. Camiqhas an excellent hydrophobic quality: contact angle water exceeds 110°. Camiq has a lifetime of 36 months with correct and regular use of the recommended aftercare products.

Camiq - 50ML Pack

  • 9H hardness
  • Non-sticking effect
  • Smooth surfaces to minimize micro scratches
  • Improved resistance against stains of water
  • Lifetime of 36 months
  • ***Available For  Professional Detailers Only***