Jefferson Infrared 75 Heater - JEFHTRAD075TH

Product Description:


Infrared heating delivers fast, effective heat through the combustion of gases. The heat produced by infrared radiant energy, radiates downward warming objects such as the floor, machinery, tools and building components, as well as people in the room. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Infrared Heat replicates the feeling of warmth from the sun.

Key Features

• The Jefferson iR75 Infrared Direct Oil Heater produces 70,000 BTU (20kW) of infrared heat which is ideal for heating large well-ventilated spaces including garages and warehouses

• Suitable for use with diesel, kerosene or paraffin fueL

•Equipped with a durable 12L steel fuel tank with an economical average fuel consumption of 1.6L/hr
• Includes an LED thermostatic control with automatic cut-off for cost savings from reduced energy and fuel usage
• With a timed ventilation system to help cool the combustion chamber
• Designed with a tough powder-coated housing to enhance protection from the elements and the working environment

• Includes a strong carry handle on top of the heater, safety grill, simple on/off switch and ignition button
• Voltage ~ Frequency: 230V ~ 50Hz
• Power: 105W
• Power Cable / Plug: 1770mm / 13A
• Heat Output: 70,000 BTU/hr (20.5kW)
• Average Heating Capacity: 14,000ft³ / 396m³
• Fuel Consumption: 1.6L/hr
• Fuel Type: Diesel / Kerosene / Paraffin
• Fuel Tank Capacity: 12L
• Maximum Running Time: 7 hours
• Automatic Shut-Off: Yes
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 576 x 330 x 575mm