Immuboost Supreme Precalver Bag


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Product Description:

The ImmuBoost Range was developed as a premium range of complementary vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements to help boost animal performance and farm profitability.
ImmuBoost Supreme Pre-Calver is a highly palatable premium powdered mineral formulated to bridge the mineral and vitamin gap of pre-calving dairy and suckler cows enriched with vitamins, yeast and protected trace elements for maximum availability.

Contains high levels of vitamin E and magnesium in addition to yeast a natural pre-biotic which aids gastrointestinal health and integrity.

The use of ImmuBoost Supreme Pre-Calver helps protect the health of both the cow and her unborn calf.

Key Features

  • Supports the immunity development of both the cow and her unborn calf.
  • Supports quicker easier calving.
  • Promotes placental expulsion.
  • Increases disease resistance, feed efficiency and animal performance.
  • Contributes to good quality colostrum and reduced calf mortality.
  • Contains premium ingredients with full traceability and is manufactured under a UFAS approved quality system.

Feeding Directions – 120g/head/day

General Usage Instructions

  • Ideally feed 6 – 8 weeks pre-calving.
  • Designed to be either top dressed or included in home mixed feeds.
  • Mixing the mineral into feed is recommended to ensure more accurate intakes.
  • Alternatively the required daily allowance can be fed directly on the forage (preferably twice a day).
  • Free access is not recommended due to the levels of trace elements included in addition to the variation found in animal intakes.
  • Where being fed directly strict adherence to the fixed daily feeding levels as per the packaging is recommended.