HiKOKI / HiTACHI 36V Brushless SDS-Plus Hammer Drill (HKDH36DPA)

Product Description:

HiKOKI / HiTACHI 36V Brushless SDS-Plus Hammer Drill (HKDH36DPA)

HiKOKI DH36DMA/J3Z 36V Multi-Volt Cordless SDS-Max Hammer Drill with Brushless technology is part of the HiKOKI 36V Li-ion Slide-on Battery Range and is great addition to anybody's HiKOKI 36V kit, whether just starting out or looking to add to an already established tool kit.

With reactive force control function. Reactive force control (RFC) - When a sudden load is applied to the tip, the slip clutch is activated, or the controller built in the tool body stops the motor and alleviates the phenomenon that the tool body is swung.


  • Constant speed control
  • 4 level variable speed
  • Reactive Force Control (RFC) safety feature
  • Compact body
  • One push bit holder


Drilling capabilities -

Concrete (Drill Bit) - 40mm
Concrete (Core Bit) - 105mm
Product Length - 496mm

Product Weight (With battery) - 7.9Kg


  • 36V Multi Volt batteries for higher power output similar to mains powered tools.
  • Batteries are compatable with existing HiKOKI 18v tools.
  • Offers unprecedented power output of up to 1080W.
  • Power output similar to mains powered tools when used with a 36V tool*.
  • Automatically switches between 18V 5.0Ah and 36V 2.5Ah depending on the tool in use.
  • Fast charging - only 32 minutes with UC18YSL3 charger.
  • 4 stage battery level indicator with diagnostic function.
  • Compatible with existing 18V chargers and the new UC36YSL.
  • Compact and lightweight - similar size and weight as existing 18V 5Ah & 6Ah batteries.
  • Eligible for the extended warranty scheme when registered within 4 weeks of purchase.