Hi Phos Post Calver / Fertility Bag

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Product Description:

A highly palatable premium mineral formulated to bridge the mineral and vitamin gap of lactating dairy and suckler cows in addition to supporting fertility and conception rates.

Key Features

  • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • Supports optimal reproductive function
  • Supports postpartum health
  • Contributes to lower somatic cell counts
  • Supports udder health
  • Improves hoof quality due to the inclusion of Biotin and Zinc

Feeding Directions 200g per animal per day.

General Usuage Instructions

  • Designed to be either top dressed or included in home mixed feeds.
  • Mixing the mineral into feed is recommended to ensure more accurate intakes.
  • Alternatively the required daily allowance can be fed directly on the forage (preferably twice a day).
  • Where being fed directly strict adherence to the fixed daily feeding levels as per the packaging is recommended.

Caution: Should not be fed in conjunction with other mineral supplements without recourse to specific expert technical advice. This product contains high levels of selenium so care must be taken in high selenium areas.