Hi Maize Mix 13%

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Product Description:

• 13% Protein/High Energy finishing ration with a high cereal component (70%)
• One of the best finishing blends on the market (1.12 UFV) – live weight gains of greater than 2kgs/day achievable under adlib feeding regimes
• High content of Maize Meal (50%) to help achieve adequate fat cover and optimal average daily gain
• Suitable for finishing heifers also
• Contains soya hulls as a digestible fibre to aid rumen fermentation
• Can be fed adlib and if so must be supplemented with water and forage
• Includes Acid Buf to prevent acidosis/laminitis and to enhance rumen function
• Contains vitamins and minerals, supplying the full spectrum of essential elements
• Will help boost carcase gain, kill out percentage and conformation score
• Contains high levels of zinc to improve hoof health and reduce lameness