Hayes Hi Heat Smokeless 40kg

Product Description:

Hayes Hi Heat Smokeless is a good entry level smokeless product which gives off a good heat while lasting a resonablely long  burn time for a budget price.  It consists of two different products, Lignite nuggets and Calco pure.  These two combined produce a smokeless coal which is a very popular product with us.  You will enjoy a good heat level, with practically no cinders, and some fine ash left behind.  This a real value for money smokeless low smoke product and is available for shipping on 1 Ton pallets to any of the 32 counties of Ireland.  The only difference in this product and Calco Flame, is that the pieces of Calco pure are slightly smaller in this product compard to the Calco Flame, hence the cheaper price point.  This is suitable for burning in both open fires and closed appliances, stoves etc. 

Our 1 Tonne Pallets comprise of 50 x 20kg bags = 1000kgs total.