HELVILITE rodMAKER 171 Arc Welder

Product Description:

HELVILITE rodMAKER 171 Arc Welder

The helviLITE rodMAKER 171 arc welder is a  portable DIY  stick welding machine designed for those who weld as a hobby or for those who weld to do small non-professional jobs. The HELVILITE welding machines are perfect both for those who have never welded and want to start, and for those who already know how to weld.

Portable welding machine with inverter technology for electrode welding .

Adjustment range: 10 to 160 amps.
With rodMAKER 171 you can weld with all commercial electrodes. The ideal diameter of the electrodes is 3.2 mm.

The HELVILITE do-it-yourself welding machines are made in Italy and come with a 2 year warranty.

Electrode welder. Powerful enough. Ideal for those starting to weld or for simple projects.
Supply (1ph) 230V 50 / 60Hz
Power 60% 2.5 KW
Work cycle 40 ° C 160 A @ 15% • 80 A @ 60% • 65 A @ 100%
Work cycle 20 ° C 160 A @ 25% • 100 A @ 60% •80 A @ 100%
Ø electrode 1.6 ÷4.0 mm
Type of electrode 6013 – 7018

Supplied in a case with the following accessories included:

  • Electrode welding cable. Length 2.5 meters. Cable section 10mm 2
  • Ground cable. Length 1.6 meters. Cable section 10mm 2
  • Plastic mask for safe welding
  • Chipping hammer with brush

Why choose rodMAKER 171?

The hot start device facilitates the triggering of the electrodes.

It is for everyone –The arc force device automatically increases the welding current in case of too short arc.

More precision for a truly WOW effect.
The anti-sticking device prevents the electrode from sticking to the piece to be welded.

Maximum security.
In the event of overvoltage and overcurrent, the internal protection systems come into action.

Projects without limits.
You can weld anywhere because you can use rodMAKER 171 with motor generators.

Arc Welding Advantages

Arc/Stick welding has certain distinct advantages:

  • Stick welding is effective even when it’s windy or raining
  • The equipment required is not very expensive
  • It needs no external shielding gas, which saves money
  • It’s less sensitive to paint, corrosion, and dirt at the welding point, saving time on pre-welding clean-up
  • It’s easy to change rods for different metals
  • The ground clamp can be attached far from the welding point

Why choose the Helvilite range?  Established in 1975 the company is committed to providing quality welding and cutting machines. You can find the same reliability in each welding machine, plasma cutting machine and professional battery charger that Helvi manufactures.

Every single component is selected and tested to be perfectly combined in a product designed to meet high quality standards. Backed by a 2 Year Warranty, Helvi is a name you can trust.