HELVILITE filMAKER 182 Gas/Gasless MIG Welder

Product Description:

HELVILITE filMAKER 182 Gas/Gasless MIG Welder

The HELVILITE filMAKER 182 is a Gas/Gasless MIG Welding Machine from HELVI.

The filMAKER 182 is capable of handling 10 – 150 amps. It makes use of a simplistic control panel that is very user-friendly, making it ideal for welding at any skill level as they can easily set their welding parameters.

The HELVILITE filMAKER 182 MIG Welder features a synergic mode which automatically sets the wire speed and voltage for the welder. The user simply needs to select the thickness of their welding application. This features reduces the risk of errors being made, improving the final product.

The filMAKER 182 makes use of internal protection systems to protect against overvoltage and overcurrent that can lead to power surges. It is also able to be used with generators.


Supply (1ph) 230V 50 / 60Hz
(No Gas): Ø 0,9 mm  Ø 0,9 mm
Work cycle 40 ° C 150 A @ 20% • 90 A @ 60% • 70 A @ 100%
Work cycle 20 ° C 150 A @ 30% • 105 A @ 60% • 80 A @ 100%
Steel Ø 0.8 mm Flux Core 
Type of electrode 6013 – 7018
Adjustment range 10 ÷ 120 A

This HELVI MIG Welder comes with:

  • 2 meter welding torch
  • Grounding cable
  • Flux cored wire spool
  • Support kit for disposable cylinders
  • Chipping hammer with brush
  • 2 Year Warranty

HELVI is one of our leading brands for Welding Machines. You can find the same reliability in each welding machine, plasma cutting machine and professional battery charger that they manufacture.

Every single component is selected and tested to be perfectly combined in a product designed to meet high quality standards.

What is Gasless Mig Welding? There is no such thing as gasless mig welding because in any weld the weld pool has to be protected from oxygen in the air.  This is done with gas to displace the air.

Gasless mig wire is self shielding wire which means the wire has a flux core.  When welding the arc melts the wire and in turn burns the flux which provides a gas shield around the weld pool.  Gasless mig welding uses a Self Shielding Wire and no cylinder of gas is required.

Which is better, solid wire or gasless wire? Neither wire is superior to the other. They simply have different properties that work better on certain applications.

As far as performance is concerned, both types of wire produce sound welds with good weld bead appearances when applied correctly and used within the proper parameter settings.

Solid wire provides deep penetration in the root and usually has little spatter. Gasless wire has a larger ball-type transfer and produces low spatter levels.

As far as user appeal, both solid wire and gasless wire are relatively easy to use and are ideal for novice and occasional welders working in automotive, farming and home hobby applications.

Welder appeal on solid wire may be better on thinner applications because there is no slag to remove, it is ready to paint and the weld beads may be more aesthetically pleasing.

Final note on Gasless Mig Welding: 

You must also consider the location of the work when choosing between solid and flux-cored wire. In environments such as windy locations, solid wire or gas-shielded flux-cored wire are more difficult to use because exposing the shielding gas to wind can compromise the weld integrity. Typically, the loss of shielding gas will produce porosity visible in the weld bead.

On the other hand, self-shielded flux-cored wire is ideal for welding outdoors or in windy conditions. The welder does not have to set up windshields to protect the shielding gases from being blown away because the shielding gas is generated from the burning flux.

Since self-shielded flux-cored wire does not require external shielding gas, it is also more portable than solid wire.

This portability is ideal in agricultural applications where field equipment can break down far from the shop. If you are welding thicker metals (16 gauge and above), self-shielded flux-cored wire also provides excellent penetration.

Mig Welder HELVILITE filMAKER 182 Gas/Gasless MIG Welder