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Hayes Hi Heat Coal (Triple Heat) 1 Tonne Pallet

Hayes Hi Heat Coal (Triple Heat) 1 Tonne Pallet

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This product is only available  for collection from our premises in Derrynoose Co Armagh.  Please see on our website the list of APPROVED LOW SMOKE PRODUCTS  that we do ship by courier.   We have many low smoke Approved  alternative / comparable products which will give similar heat value  and in most cases lasts longer that this particular Hi Heat / Triple Heat  product .  A Direct replacement for this product is the Low smoke or smokelss version which is called Hi Heat Smokeless.  This is a budget / entry level product.     Our recommendation  as an alternative to this product for customers with Closed Glass appliances or stoves is a product called Surelite.  This Ovoid will give a higher  heat output  than Triple heat, lasts longer in your appliance, producing less cinders,   will cost you, the customer less and  is approved by all Councils and Authorities in ROI.

  For customers with an OPEN FIRE, our recommendation is either Magiglo which gives a similar heat output,  lasts longer, less ash content and is a lower price point, OR  A  lower price point product is Cosylite which will give similar heat output,  produces a similar dancing flame as polish doubles,  lasts a similar length of burn time, has a lower ash content and a lower price point than triple heat.  Both of these products are available along with our other Low Smoke products in our Approved Solid Fuels section on our website.



Hayes Hi Heat Coal (Triple Heat)  - 1 Tonne Pallet

Coal and Smokeless fuel blended together to give a value product which generates a high heat.

Hi Heat Coal is blend of Lignite Nuggets, Calco pure and Premium Doubles.

These three products combined gives us a long lasting product with a high heat output at a fantastic price.



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