Hayes - Cosylite 1 Tonne (Best Seller)

Product Description:

Hayes - Cosylite (Best Seller)   

Produces High Heat,  High Dancing flame,  Long burn time,  Little cinders,  Easy to light,  Lower Price point and is Low Smoke.    This is a three part mix of an Ovoid, a Lignite Nugget and a smokeless coal.

This is a direct replacememt for Premium Polish Coal which gives similar flame and similar heat as Polish Coal.    This will also produce a similar lenght of burn time, produces less cinders and has a lower price point which is approx 10 % - 15%  less in cost than Polish Coal.  This is an approved Low Smoke  product, packed by Hayes Fuels,  that qualifies for sale and use in Rep of Ireland under the new Low Smoke Legislation.  You'll be delighted with it in both your Open Fire or your Closed / Stove appliance.