Genfitt - CHECK VALVE KIT up to 20in RAM & 26in TOP LINK - G16962

Product Description:

Genfitt  - CHECK VALVE KIT up to 20in RAM & 26in TOP LINK - G16962

Anti-Creep/Check Valve will prevent Hydraulic cylinders and Top Links from opening when used on tractors which may be experiencing internal valve leakage
Anti-Creep/Check Valve will also act as a safety device locking the cylinder in position in the event of a hose bursting or other failures in the hydraulic system

Suitable for: hydraulic cylinders with 3/8in ports up to 22in closed centre: i.e. G3899, G3891, G3893, G3895, G3897, G3899, G18208, G3901, G3903,G3907, G3911, G3909, G17683, G3905, G17462, G10854, G10852B, G10853A, G19005, G19006, G10852C

Suitable for: hydraulic top links with 3/8in ports up to 26in closed centre: i.e. G3924, G3926, G3926B, G17365, G17366, G17367, G18622, G18623, G18624, G19001, G19002, G19003, G19004

  • Max Pressure 350 bar
  • Cracking Pressure 4 bar
  • Flow Capacity 30 lpm
  • Pilot Ratio 1:4:6
  • Suitability 26in toplink
  • Weight 1.001kg
  • Size 3/8in
  • Material Zinc Plated Steel Body