Diesel Pump and Meter Kit - 230 Volt

Product Description:

Diesel Pump and Meter Kit - 230 Volt

Self-Priming Oil Pump
Want a portable fuel transfer pump to take the hard work out of pumping oil? This pump is perfect for you! Just place the hose into the fluid, the pump can do all work for you, transferring kerosene, oil, and diesel fuel, reducing the mess and hassle, save you lots of time. This pump has a high flow rate or 60 L/min (3600 L/hour). Thanks to its ON/OFF switch the pump is easy to operate.

Key Features

Powerful Motor
The self-priming diesel pump has hoses and fuel nozzle ready for immediate use. The engine output amounts to 550 Watt and the pump reaches a flow rate of 3600 l/h at a rotational speed of 2800 rpm.

Great Fuel Nozzle
Made of high-quality aircraft aluminum to ensure strength & durability, while designed to be oil & waterproof.

Self-Priming Function
We make all things easy and convenient for you by adding this function of self-priming. It can realize automatic metering, automatic shut down, and super self-priming.

Durable Oil Pipe
Our high-pressure oil outlet pipe is durable and the hydraulic joints can spare you the worry of leak oil.

Diverse Application
Our oil transfer pump is suitable for biofuel, cooking oil, and vegetable oil. It applies to oil warehouse, dock, shipping, factory, farmland, and mine.

Material: Cast iron, Aluminum
Coil Material: 100% Copper
Flow Meter: 4 Digit Mechanical Flowmeter
3/4" Outlet hose with 1" male thread: 4 m(Rubber, Black)
Voltage: 220 V
Power: 550 W
Speed: 2800 R/min
Inlet / Outlet Diameter: 25 mm
Output flowing: 60 L/min
Inlet Hose Length: 2 m
Outlet hose: 4 m

Package Content
1 x Self-Priming Oil Pump