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Hayes Colombian Doubles 40kg

Hayes Colombian Doubles 40kg

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Colombian Doubles would be regarded as the Ferrari of Coal. This coal, mined and shipped from South America, produces an incredible heat output. A fantastic coal with practically no ash or cinders left, yet producing a heat that will literally have you opening the door of your living room to allow the heat out of the room. This has to be experienced to be believed. Doubles are the next size down from Coal and are roughly the size of an 11 year old childs fist. A very clean product which we highly recommend for both open fires as well as closed stoves.  People tend to prefer doubles in stoves as they are easier to shovel due to the smaller size than a traditional piece of Coal.  This is the same product a Colombian Coal, simply smaller pieces, around the size of an 11 year old childs closed fist.

We would also recommend that you use Singles on top of the Colombian Coal as a perfect recipe for a perfect fire.  Singles are like very rough slack which then sits on top of the coal to keep the fire lasting longer.

We never expeienced customers getting excited about a Coal product before, yet these Colombian doubles has produced a group of delighted and excited customers who continue to rave about its performance.  Literally put you out of the room with the heat and nothing left in the grate the next morning.  This is the best Doubles in Ireland by a country mile.  This is one of our best selling products and we would be more than happy for anyone to try it.  You will be delighted that you did.

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