Hayes Premium Polish Black Diamond Doubles 1 Ton

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Product Description:

This product is only available  for collection from our premises in Derrynoose Co Armagh.  Please see on our website the list of APPROVED LOW SMOKE PRODUCTS  that we do ship by courier.   We have many low smoke Approved  alternative / comparable products which will give similar heat value  and in most cases lasts longer that this particular Polish doubles product .  Our recommendation  as an alternative to this product for customers with Closed Glass appliances or stoves is a product called Surelite.  This Ovoid will give a similar heat output as Polish doubles, lasts longer in your appliance, producing less cinders,   will cost you, the customer less and  is approved by all Councils and Authorities in ROI.

  For customers with an OPEN FIRE, our recommendation is either Magiglo which gives a similar heat output,  lasts longer, less ash content and is a lower price point, OR  A  lower price point product is Cosylite which will give similar heat output,  produces a similar dancing flame as polish doubles,  lasts a similar length of burn time, has a lower ash content and a lower price point than polish doubles.  Both of these products are available along with our other Low Smoke products in our Approved Solid Fuels section on our website.

Lowest Cost Hayes Premium Black DiamondPolish Doubles in Ireland.  These Black Diamond Polish Doubles are also a main drive product for us and are packed for us by Hayes Fuels.  They have  always been one of our "flagship products".  Doubles are slightly smaller pieces of than the size of Coal and are very suitable for use in a stove or an open fire.   A piece of Coal is roughly around the size of a mans fist.  Doubles are roughly around the size of an 11 year old childs fist.  Hayes Premium Polish Coal ( or Doubles )    would be known by our customers as "The Mercedes of Coal" sold at the Dandys at Skoda prices.  This is Premium grade coal which gives a high heat output and low ash content.  This coal from Poland is a very stable product in our range and would be one of our top selling lines. 

This product should not be confused with Bord Na Mona Black Diamond brand.  Our Customers regularly tell us that they have found Hayes Black Diamond Coal to be a much superior product to the Bord Na Mona version of Black Diamond and based on anecdotal evidence, we have found this to be true. Available in both 40 Kg bags from our yard in Derrynoose or available in 25kg bags which are for delivery on One Ton pallets to households all around the country.  This is a very consistent quality coal which has had very positive feedback for years from our customers who return time and time again for it.   If you choose, we would recommend that you use slack on top of coal in an open fire, and use singles on top of coal on a stove to keep the fire in at night.  

This one ton pallet is build with 40 x 25kg bags and is wrapped and ready for dispatch with our couriers, who ship normally on a 24 - 48 hour basis all around the country.  We cover the full 32 Counties of the Island with our deliery service and have a full scanned bar coded track and trace facility on deliveries.  We have a very good relationship with Couriers who provide a first class service to us, thus delighting our customers.  More importantly, if there is a delay for any unforseen circumstance, they are very quick to resolve the situation for us and they keep the customer informed of the whereabouts of the pallet while it is in transit.