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Silawrap Pallet - 40 rolls

Silawrap Pallet - 40 rolls

2,860.00 (inc VAT)
2383.33 (ex VAT)


Give us a call to order full pallets.

With a valid ROI VAT number you can purchase this product excluding VAT. Please get in contact with us to organise paying for a product excluding VAT. 

Phone No. ROI - 04837531045 N.I - 02837531045
Email Address - sales@thedandys.ie

We can ship this product either by individaul rolls or by full pallets.    Silawrap is the Irish market leader currently in Silage Wrap.  We also stock another very high quality wrap made by Zeus branded as Epic Crop 5 which is a 5 layer film which we have found to be probably the best wrap available in the Irish market which is more competitively priced.

Key Features

  • Extruded Film with extra high tack levels for superior performance
  • Superior oxygen barrier properties enhancing the fermentation process.
  • Designed for general Silage wrapping on High Speed Wrapping Machines.
  • Manufactured from Quality resins for high puncture & tear resistance


Is Silawrap suitable to use on a Tubeline High Speed wrapping machine?
Yes, Silawrap can be used on all makes & models of Tubeline & high Speed Wrapping machines.

How many layers of film do I need to achieve an airtight (anaerobic) bale?
4 layers of film are required to achieve an acceptable anaerobic (air tight) state for silage to ensile.

How many wraps should I do for a round bale?
Wrap the bale completely once at 50% film overlap, counting the wraps (revolutions), then double and add one more revolution which will give the required minimum 4 layers of film.

How many layers should I have on an Tubeline wrapped bale?
A minimum of 6 layers are required on Tubeline wrapping to support film strength where bales join each other.

How long can I expect my Silage Film to last?
Integrated Packaging Silage film is guaranteed for 12 months against UV degradation with a 55% stretch ratio.

Is there any difference to the quality of Silage using different colours?
As long as bales are wrapped with the recommended wraps to achieve anaerobic conditions for ensiling, green, black or white Silage films are suitable.

What can I do to help store my wrapped bale silage for longer?
Using 6 layers of film is suggested for storing wrapped baled silage for longer periods.

What can I do to help the storage process of my Silage bales?
Start with a well cleared site for stacking. Placing Rodent bait stations around the perimeter of the Silage bale stack will help prevent attack by Rats & mice.  



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