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Rock Salt - Himalayan - Per Ton
Rock Salt - Himalayan - Per Ton
Rock Salt - Himalayan - Per Ton

Rock Salt - Himalayan - Per Ton

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This natural source of Rock Salt is bound by over 80 trace elements making it rock hard and giving it a pink/red colour. The salt mines benefits were discovered when sick elephants travelled miles to the caves and return in good health.

Salt is an essential part of an animal’s diet. Due to chemical fertiliser use there is an imbalance of sodium and pottasium in the soil. Severe restriction of salt over a long period of time could result in permanent central nervous system damage, lower weight gain, poor feed conversion and lower quality grade.

  • Animals have a more well-defined appetite for salt than any other compound in nature, except water. “They eat wood or plants they might otherwise avoid. They lick dirt and may lick each other.”

  • Sodium is critical to maintain impulses and deficiency affects every aspect of performance. Growth, fertility and reproduction, and milk production decline. Cattle simply don’t perform to their genetic potential.

  • Cattle consuming high-forage, high-potassium diets generally need and consume more salt.

  • Animals grazing intensively managed pastures that are heavily fertilized with nitrogen (N) and potassium may also have an increased salt requirement

  • The sodium-potassium balance is also related to an animal’s ability to absorb magnesium (Mg). High Potassium may inhibit magnesium absorption. Increasing sodium-potassium ratio may be needed in osmotic balance and pH in every living cell. It is required in relatively large amounts, compared to other minerals.

  • Sodium is a major component of saliva, too, and helps buffer acid during ruminal fermentation.

  • Benefits of using Himalayan Rock Salt 

    Salt (Sodium chloride) is essential for blood formation and metabolic/digestive function.
    Himalayan Rock Salt is a full spectrum crystal salt. 
    Salt is essential to promote saliva production and ensure optimum function of the digestive system.
    Lumps are rock hard and weather resistant.
    Reduces animals desire to drink urine,lick walls etc.
    Self-limiting stock with a good supply of salt in existing diets will self regulate salt intake.
    Approved for organic systems.
    100% natural and unprocessed.
    Stimulates appetite.
    Helps contain orf in sheep
    Contains over 70 trace elements  
    increased milk production.
    Very cost effective.
    Sodium Chloride   98.10%
    Calcium                  0.20%
    Magnesium             0.07%
    Cobalt                      0.109mg/kg
    Copper                     9 mg/kg
    Selenium                  0.43 mg/kg

    Less than 0.2% insouble matter plus 70 other trace elements

    How it is made and where does it come from?

    Our salt is mined from deep within the foothills of the ancient Himalayan mountain range.
    The Salt layer/deposits were from an ancient seabed that evaporated some 250 million years ago, still preseving its crystalline structre. 
    Why Trace elements??
    Trace elements/minerals are now universally recognised as being essential in any livestock diet. Although only required in very low levels their presence has a profound effect on livestock health and productivity.

    Lack of Salt

    Lack of appetite
    Loss of condition
    Drop in milk production 
    Desire to drink urine 
    Reduced growth rates 
    Fertility troubles 

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