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HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 Multi-Process Welding Machine

HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 Multi-Process Welding Machine

750.89 (inc VAT)
625.74 (ex VAT)


HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 Multi-Process Welding Machine

The HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 is a Multi-Process Welding Machine from HELVI.

Get all your Welding Processes in ONE machine! The HELVILITE multiMAKER is used for MIG Welding, MMA/Stick and TIG Welding.

The multiMAKER 192 Multi-Process Welder can be using from 25A to 180A for MIG, 20A to 180A for MMA/Stick and 5A to 180A for TIG.

The HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 features a dual digital display which allow the welder to set their parameters based on the welding application.

The display and interface uses a simple design, making it ideal for any skill level.

It features a Synergic mode, allowing the user to choose the type of wire and thickness of the material and the machine will set the rest of your parameters! Makes welding easy.

The multiMAKER 192 is a Multi-Process machine. This is ideal for those needing all three Welding Process in one Welding Machine: MIG, MMA/Stick and TIG.

Multi-process welders make it easy for welding operators to tackle a variety of fabrication or construction jobs and projects on the jobsite, in the shop or in the field without switching power sources – saving you time and money.

These welders are capable of performing MIG, Stick, TIG, and Flux-Cored welding processes.

Multi-process welders are a good solution when confronted with a variety of jobs. Professional welders and home users alike can benefit from a versatile unit, and a multi-process welder.


Input Voltage (1ph) 230V 50 / 60Hz
(No Gas): Ø 0,9 mm  Ø 0,9 mm
Range and Duty Cycle 40 ° C 25 ÷ 180 A - 180 A @ 20% • 75 A @ 100% 
MMA/Stick Range and Duty Cycle 40°C 20 ÷ 180 A - 180 A @ 20% • 75 A @ 100%
TIG Range and Duty Cycle 40°C 5 ÷ 180 A - 180 A @ 20% • 75 A @ 100%
Steel Ø 0,6 ÷ 1,0 mm 
Stainless Steel: Ø 0,8 ÷ 1,0 mm 
Flux Core (No Gas) Ø 0,9 mm 
Aluminium : Ø 0,8 ÷ 1,0 mm
Type of electrode 6013 – 7018
Electrode Diameter  Ø 1,6 ÷ 4,0 mm
Adjustment range 10 ÷ 120 A

This HELVI Multi-Process Welder features the following:

  • 3 meter welding torch
  • Grounding cable
  • Cable for electrode welding
  • Flux cored wire spool
  • Support kit for disposable cylinders
  • Chipping hammer with brush

Why choose the Helvilite multiMAKER 192 ?  Established in 1975 the company is committed to providing quality welding and cutting machines. You can find the same reliability in each welding machine, plasma cutting machine and professional battery charger that Helvi manufactures.

Every single component is selected and tested to be perfectly combined in a product designed to meet high quality standards. Backed by a 2 Year Warranty, Helvi is a name you can trust.

HELVILITE multiMAKER 192 Multi-Process Welding Machine – Mig, Tig and Stick all in one machine.



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